Perth Knee Replacement

A Perth knee replacement guide by Dr Daniel Meyerkort, Knee Surgeon at Perth Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre, for patients about all non-surgical and surgical options for knee pain & arthritis in knees.

Perth Knee Replacement

A guide by knee replacement specialist in Perth Western Australia, Dr Daniel Meyerkort, for patients about all non surgical and surgical options for knee pain & arthritis treatment.

Meet Dr Daniel

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Dr Daniel Meyerkort is a Western Australian Fellowship trained knee replacement surgeon with subspecialty training in Sydney, Canberra & London.



Meet Daniel now at our complimentary knee replacement online seminar and learn about non surgical and knee replacement treatment for your knee.


Robot Assisted Knee Replacement perth

Robotic knee replacement in Perth is an advanced technology to perform your knee replacement surgery.


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Non Surgical
Knee Treatment

Knee Surgery

Do I need
Knee Replacement?

Should I exercise when my knee hurts?

Physiotherapy for arthritis focuses on muscle strengthening / pain relief and is designed for patients with knee pain. An exercise program will help optimise your outcome after knee surgery.

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Does Diet & Weight Loss Reduce Knee Pain?

Weight loss reduces knee pain, improves physical function and overall health. It makes knee replacement surgery safer.

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Perth Knee Replacement is a KNEE OSTEOARTHRITIS resource

about knee pain and robotic knee replacement, orthopaedic surgeon led best practice shared care to empower and enable you to treat knee pain in a holistic manner with your allied health professional (physio, exercise physiologist, dietitian) to reduce pain, improve function and make your surgery safer.


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