Perth Knee Replacement

A Perth knee replacement guide by Dr Daniel Meyerkort, Knee Surgeon at Perth Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre, for patients about all non-surgical and surgical options for knee pain & arthritis in knees.

Perth Knee Replacement

A guide by knee replacement specialist in Perth Western Australia, Dr Daniel Meyerkort, for patients about all non surgical and surgical options for knee pain & arthritis treatment.

Meet Dr Daniel

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Dr Daniel Meyerkort is a Western Australian Fellowship trained knee replacement surgeon with subspecialty training in Sydney, Canberra & London.



Meet Daniel at our monthly complimentary knee pain & arthritis seminar and learn about non surgical and surgical treatments for your knee.

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Robot Assisted Knee Replacement perth

Robotic knee replacement in Perth is an advanced technology to perform your knee replacement surgery.


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Non Surgical
Knee Treatment

Knee Surgery

Do I need
Knee Replacement?

Should I exercise when my knee hurts?

Physiotherapy for arthritis focuses on muscle strengthening / pain relief and is designed for patients with knee pain. An exercise program will help optimise your outcome after knee surgery.

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Does Diet & Weight Loss Reduce Knee Pain?

Weight loss reduces knee pain, improves physical function and overall health. It makes knee replacement surgery safer.

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Perth Knee Replacement is a KNEE OSTEOARTHRITIS resource

about knee pain and robotic knee replacement, orthopaedic surgeon led best practice shared care to empower and enable you to treat knee pain in a holistic manner with your allied health professional (physio, exercise physiologist, dietitian) to reduce pain, improve function and make your surgery safer.


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