By Dr Daniel Meyerkort – Perth Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Centre

Smartphones are a powerful tool that are now being used both in the pre surgery setting and post surgery to better prepare you for knee replacement. The MyMobility App by Zimmer / Apple has been released which has information on how to prepare before surgery, what to expect after surgery and how to maximise your knee function after surgery. The MyMobility App is available for both Apple and Android users. The MyMobility App allows for increased connection between patients and their surgeons and an improvement in patient centred care. Elements of the MyMobility program include

  • Increased patient education
  • Knee function data collection and feedback
  • Pre and post operative exercises
  • Activity and health tracking
  • Telemedicine and improved communication between patients and healthcare providers

Further information on the  Zimmer MyMobility App can be found here