About Hollywood Hospital

Hollywood Hospital

Bespoke Team Care after your Knee Replacement

Hollywood Hospital is one of Perth’s highest volume hospitals for performing Knee Replacement Surgery. A comprehensive team is needed to achieve your best result after knee replacement surgery. Below is information about the services available at Hollywood Hospital. Dr Daniel Meyerkort performs all of his knee replacement operations at Hollywood Hospital due to the benefits listed below.

Access to Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Hollywood Hospital is the only hospital in Western Australia with access to both the MAKO and ROSA surgical robots that may be used to optimise your knee replacement surgery.


Daily Physiotherapy is essential to minimise pain and maximise your knee function after knee replacement. All patients after knee replacement receive daily Physiotherapy (including the weekends).

Pain Management

All knee replacement patients are seen daily by the pain management service to ensure pain levels are low and manageable. The goal of modern pain management after knee replacement is to achieve low levels of pain that allow for early movement and rehabilitation.

On Site ICU

Most patients do not require ICU management after knee replacement however it is reassuring that high level care is needed in the rare case it is required. Some patients at higher risk of medical issues after surgery (e.g. heart failure etc) may be planned to spend a short period of monitoring in ICU after surgery.

On Site Rehabilitation

Most patients have a short stay in hospital (average 3 – 4 nights) then are suitable to be discharged home. Some patients who are older or live at home without support may need a little extra help before they are ready to go home. Direct transfer to the Rehab ward on site is available if needed.


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