Knee Replacement Cost Perth

Dr Daniel Meyerkort, Perth Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre

Healthcare costs are rising and understandably patients want better value from their private insurance. Costs of partial and total knee replacement costs are outlined here. Daniel routinely uses robotic assistance to accurately perform your knee replacement, this is provided at no additional cost.


Surgical Fees

Daniel is a ‘No Gap’ provided with all health funds. This means that your private health insurance completely covers the surgical fee for both robotic partial or total knee replacement.

Hospital Excess

Depending on your level of coverage a hospital excess may be payable. This is usually limited to $500.

Anaesthetist Fees

Most of the anaesthetist that we work with charge a gap fee, with the gap being less than $500. This may be waived according to your financial circumstance. Please discuss with Daniel in your preoperative consult if you require a ‘no gap’ anaesthetist.

XR’s, Blood Tests, ECG’s etc

Small fee payments may be required for the above tests.