Reducing Stiffness Post Robotic Total Knee Replacement

The goal of knee replacement surgery is a pain free, stable joint with a good range of motion of the knee. Robotic assisted knee replacement can help accurate component positioning, optimising soft tissue tension however scar tissue around the knee can still cause...

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Exercise & Diet for Knee Pain – Why Bother

FREE SEMINAR: Knee Pain, Exercise & Diet… Why Bother?  Tuesday 5th April 2022 @ 7pm Beatty Park Physiotherapy: 220 Vincent St, North Perth. RSVP Essential: T: 9227 5665. The seminar will focus on: Why knee arthroscopy ‘clean up’...

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Robotic Partial Knee vs Manual Partial Knee Replacement

Interesting study comparing the results of Robotic Partial Knee Replacement vs Manual Partial Knee Replacement. Both techniques were very effective at relieving pain and improving function. However at the 5 year follow up, the failure rate of the Robotic groups was...

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Robotic vs Conventional Total Knee Replacement

The benefits of Robotic vs Conventional (manual) Total Knee Replacement has been a controversial topic for the last few years. The technology is claimed to be more accurate for producing accurate total knee replacement.

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Patient Education Evening with Forte Physiotherapy

Join us at our complimentary patient information evening learning about knee pain / arthritis and the most effective treatments arthritis. The speakers are passionate about helping patients optimise their knee pain through diet and exercise programs.

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Orthopaedic Surgeon Joondalup

Daniel offers a comprehensive Orthopaedic Specialist Service to patients in Joondalup. He consults at the Sundew Day Surgery in Joondalup and operates at Hollywood and Bethesda Private Hospitals.

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Knee Replacement Cost Perth

Healthcare costs are rising and understandably patients want better value from their private insurance. Costs of partial and total knee replacement costs are outlined here.

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Dr Daniel Meyerkort is passionate about helping his patients to optimise their health before considering knee replacement surgery. Better outcomes and lower risks of surgery can be achieved by starting a diet and exercise program first. Below, Daniel has written for...

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Robot Assisted Knee Replacement (MAKO / ROSA Surgical Robots) Robotic knee replacement is a recent development in knee surgery and allows the surgeon to utilise accurate technology to perform your knee replacement surgery. The MAKO and ROSA surgical robots are...

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