Perth’s Sam Kerr’s ACL Surgery

Sam Kerr’s ACL Surgical Treatment

When we think of physical injuries in sports, the first thing that comes to mind is ACL tears. This type of injury is common among athletes, especially in high-impact sports such as soccer. Recently, Australian soccer star Sam Kerr suffered an ACL injury during a match with her team Chelsea FC. Her fans were devastated as she had to undergo surgery and take a break from the sport she loves. But what exactly is an ACL injury and how is it treated? Let’s dive into the details.

 Perth's Sam Kerr's ACL knee surgery.  

Perth’s Sam Kerr recovering from ACL knee surgery. (Instagram: @samanthakerr20)

Understanding ACL Injuries

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a strong band of tissue that connects the thigh bone to the shin bone, stabilizing the knee joint. An ACL injury occurs when this ligament is partially or completely torn, usually from sudden stops or changes in direction while running. This is a common injury among athletes and can also happen during everyday activities such as slipping or falling.

Sam Kerr’s Injury and Surgery

The news of Sam Kerr’s ACL injury spread like wildfire, leaving her fans worried about her career. After undergoing an MRI scan, it was confirmed that she had torn her ACL and would need ACL surgery. As a top athlete, Sam opted to undergo surgery immediately to repair her torn ligament and get back on the field as soon as possible.

The Surgical Treatment

ACL surgical treatment is one of the most common orthopedic procedures performed in Australia, with high success rates. The main goal of surgery is to reconstruct the torn ligament and restore stability to the knee joint. The procedure is usually done under general anesthesia and involves making small incisions around the knee.

Reconstruction Techniques

There are different techniques used for ACL reconstruction, depending on the surgeon’s preference and the patient’s condition. One common technique is using a graft from another part of the body, such as the hamstring tendon or patellar tendon. This graft is then attached to the bone using screws and other fixation devices.

Another technique involves using an allograft, which is a tissue obtained from a donor. This option is usually recommended for patients who have multiple injuries or if their own grafts are not suitable. All these techniques aim to replace the torn ACL with a new ligament that will function similarly.

Post-Surgery Recovery

After the surgery, patients are advised to follow a rehabilitation program to help regain strength and range of motion in their knee. This may involve physical therapy exercises, wearing a knee brace or using crutches for support. The recovery time varies from person to person, but it usually takes around 6-9 months before an athlete can return to their sport.

Benefits of ACL Surgery

Although surgery may seem daunting, it is often the best option for athletes like Sam Kerr who want to get back in the game as soon as possible. Here are some of the benefits of undergoing ACL surgical treatment:

  • Faster recovery time compared to non-surgical methods.
  • Reduced risk of future knee problems such as instability or arthritis.
  • Improved overall function and stability of the knee joint.
  • Increased chances of returning to sports and physical activities at the same level or even better.


It’s no easy feat to undergo surgery, especially for an injury as serious as Sam Kerr’s ACL tear. However, with advancements in medical technology, ACL surgical treatment has become a common and successful procedure. As fans eagerly wait for her return, we can take comfort in knowing that Sam is receiving the best care and treatment for her ACL injury. We wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see her back on the field soon, doing what she does best – scoring goals and inspiring young athletes around the world. So, if you or someone you know has suffered an ACL injury, remember that there is hope for a full recovery and a return to the game you love. Stay safe, stay active!