Reduced Pain after Robotic Knee Replacement?

Dr Daniel Meyerkort, Perth Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Centre

Pain management after total knee replacement is crucial to allow rapid recovery and optimal long term function. Good pre operative strength and conditioning can reduce length of stay and pain. Recent studies assess if robotic surgery results in reduced pain compared to conventional knee replacement. This study from the Bone and Joint Open Journal compared patients undergoing robotic knee replacement with conventional knee replacement. The findings for the robotic group were

  • Shorter length of stay
  • Less need for strong painkillers (opioids)
  • Less pain both with rest and activity

The full study can be viewed at the Bone and Joint by following the below link

Other studies have not supported this finding. At this stage we know that robotic knee replacement is an accurate tool for performing bone cuts. The effect on post operative pain and function is still being clarified.

Prehab before knee replacement is essential to reduce pain! After knee replacement you will be seen daily by the Pain Team at Hollywood Hospital. This is an essential service to keep your pain at a manageable level.