Reducing Stiffness Post Robotic Total Knee Replacement

The goal of knee replacement surgery is a pain free, stable joint with a good range of motion of the knee. Robotic assisted knee replacement can help accurate component positioning, optimising soft tissue tension however scar tissue around the knee can still cause restricted range of motion, or ‘stiffness’ of the knee replacement.


This recent article assessing medications that can reduce stiffness post knee replacement was published in the Journal of Arthroplasty. Medications associated with better motion of the knee included

-Blood pressure Medications (ACE Inhibitors and similar medications)

-Cholesterol lowering medications (Statin class of medication)

-Vitamin Supplements (Vitamin C and D)

-Anti Inflammatory Medications (eg Celecoxib)


To optimise knee function and minimise stiffness Daniel uses robotic knee replacement, Vitamin C / D and Celecoxib (if tolerated). This does not eliminate the stiff knee, but does help to optimise your knee replacement and function.


Link to the article is here for further reading.

Stiffness post robotic knee replacement