Robotic Knee Replacement Perth


Robotic knee replacement robot Perth.

Robotic-assisted knee replacement in Perth is a surgical option for total and partial knee replacement available at Perth Orthopaedic. Robotic knee replacement utilises a robotic arm to assist the surgeon in treating knee osteoarthritis by helping with the bone cuts during surgery. This can relieve pain and improve function in patients whose quality of life and function are reduced due to knee osteoarthritis.

At Perth Knee Replacement, we understand how debilitating arthritis can be and how it can affect your quality of life. We offer robotic assisted knee replacement that enables accurate and reproducible knee replacement surgery. Our robotic technology enables us to accurately align components for optimal functionality and longevity.





Robotic knee replacement is a procedure that offers precision and control when replacing a damaged or worn out knee joint. The first stage of robotic knee replacement surgery is a pre operative assessment that allows for modeling and planning of the cuts that the robot will help make during surgery. This allows for implant size and positioning to be optimised towards your knee. During surgery the knee replacement robot registers landmarks to understand the position of your knee and how to make the necessary cuts according to the plan. Sensor technology can register the natural motion of you knee, space within the knee (gap balancing) and pressure within the knee. Bone cuts are made according to this data to allow a predictable knee replacement surgery to occur.

Perth’s orthopaedic surgeons like Dr Daniel Meyerkort are now offering robotic knee replacement procedures to our patients at convenient Perth Private Hospitals such as Hollywood Private and SJOG Subiaco. Initial consults to assess suitability for Robotic Knee Replacement are available at Perth Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine.



All surgery is a balance of risk and benefit. Dr Daniel Meyerkort will assess your knee, function, pain, disability and the alternative treatments that you have trialed so far (such as Physiotherapy). In general, Dr Meyerkort recommends trialing simple treatments such as an exercise program with a Physiotherapist before considering Robotic Knee Replacement. Robotic knee replacement is often recommended when benefits are considered to be signficant and risks are small.

 Robotic knee replacement utilises a robotic surgical arm. This enables the surgeon to make accurate bone cuts according to the pre operative plan. Robotic knee replacement allows assessment of alignment, laxity and gaps within the knee prior to bone cuts being made. This technology was first available with computer navigated knee replacement such as Knee 3 from Brainlab. The robotic arm allows this information to be converted into accurate bone cuts which aids predictable knee replacement surgery. Dr Daniel Meyerkort has been offering Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery through Perth Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine since 2019.

RISKS – All surgery carries risk which in Robotic Knee Replacement include infection, neurovascular injury, stiffness, instability, fracture, revision, numbness, blood clots and dissatisfaction (5 – 10 % of patients, even with robotic assisted knee replacement have ongoing pain or are unhappy with the results of their surgery). For most of this cohort, dissatisfaction is mild to moderate. A lower percentage have severe dissatisfaction after knee replacement surgery. It is important to understand that although robotic surgery allows the surgeon to perform accurate surgery, this does not guarantee a perfect outcome. Think of it as lane keep assist in a modern car, it does not eliminate all road accidents but can reduce the risk.






Robotic knee replacement Perth.


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