Post Surgery Recovery

Following your surgery you will be taken to the recovery room and your next of kin will be contacted in order to let them know that everything went well. Once you are stable you will be sent to the ward. Urinary catheters and high doses of opiate medications are avoided in post-surgery recovery, as this slows your rehabilitation. Routine medical care will occur in the next 24 hours, including antibiotics, DVT prevention strategies, blood tests and an X-ray.

Mobilisation with the physiotherapist occurs on the day of surgery. This is to minimise complications such as blood clots (DVT). Pain relief is usually excellent on the day of surgery as the effects of the local anaesthetic are working (a similar sensation to what you may experience at the dentist). You will have some pain as the local anaesthetic wears off which can be managed with multi-modal oral tablets. It is important to realise that knee replacement is not a pain free operation but your pain will be kept under manageable levels to allow for mobilisation, rehabilitation and early discharge. 

Your duration of stay in hospital can be as short or long (within reason) as you would like. The usual duration of stay is 2-3 nights for fit, young patients, or 4-6 nights for patients in their 80’s or above.


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