Vitamin Supplementation

 Collagen is the protein which constitutes much of our body (skin, ligaments, bones etc.) and is essential in the wound healing process. Vitamin C is essential for collagen production. Professor Markus Kuster has performed some ground-breaking research with relation to Vitamin C replacement and wound healing. To summarise his work:

  • Vitamin C levels falls dramatically with major surgery such as knee and hip replacement
  • The fall in Vitamin C is much lower with small operations such as ankle fixation
  • Low Vitamin C levels are a risk factor for stiffness and pain
  • Supplementing Vitamin C reduces the likelihood of a stiff knee replacement (arthrofibrosis)

As a result of this research, it is recommended to commence taking 1 gram of Vitamin C daily 1 week prior to hip or knee replacement, and to continue to do so for 2 months following your surgery.


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