High Tibial Osteotomy Surgery

High tibial osteotomy is realignment surgery to transfer the weight bearing from the damaged compartment of the knee to the normal compartment. It is a useful surgical procedure, which is able to delay the need of knee replacements for young patients by 10-15 years, and is particularly useful for patients who perform physical work. 

Indications for High Tibial Osteotomy

  • A normal lateral compartment (no arthritis in this part of the knee)
  • End stage arthritis significantly impairing your work/quality of life, and failed conservative treatment.

For most patients aged over 50 partial or total knee replacement reliably delivers good results, and has quicker rehabilitation than high tibial osteotomy.

Risks of High Tibial Osteotomy

All surgical procedures carry risk. The specific risks associated with high tibial osteotomy include:

  • Infection
  • Blood clots
  • Stiffness
  • Ongoing pain and need for future knee replacement
  • Injury to nerves and blood vessels
  • Failure of the tibial bone to heal


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What is high tibial osteotomy surgery?

High tibial osteotomy is surgery to realign your knee. It shifts your weight from the damaged part of your knee (usually the inner, medial joint) to the undamaged part of your knee joint (the lateral part). It is an alternative to knee replacement surgery in young patients.

Is high tibial osteotomy major surgery?

Yes, high tibial osteotomy is major surgery of your knee, as it involves splitting a major bone (tibia), realigning your knee, then fixing the bone with a plate and screws. It is major surgery similar to knee replacement.

How long does it take to recover from high tibial osteotomy?

Wound healing takes 2 weeks and during this time you a partially weight bearing with crutches. You will remain on crutches for the first 6 weeks after surgery but can increase your weight bearing during this time. Most patients take  6 weeks to be fair, 3 months to be good and 6 – 12 months to regain their best knee function.  Returning to heavy manual  work is usually possible around  6  – 8 weeks after surgery.

How long does a high tibial osteotomy of the knee take to heal?

By the 6 week mark you can fully weight bear on your knee with crutches. Return to sport and  running is possible 4 – 6 months after surgery. Full bone healing can take 6 – 12 months after surgery.

Do the metal screws and plates need to be removed?

Only if they are irritating your skin or you plan to have knee replacement in the future.

Can you run and return to sport after high tibial osteotomy?

Yes, high tibial osteotomy is a durable option for patients who want to run and return to sport or are involved  in heavy physical work.

How much does high tibial osteotomy cost?

Dr Daniel Meyerkort is a no gap provider with all health  funds for your knee surgery. This means you have no out of pocket expense for your surgery payable to Dr Meyerkort. Out of pocket expense may be incurred from your hospital admission, medical imaging and anaesthetists fee.


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